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Mary Ellen Crowley is an outstanding mentor and huge support for women entering the field of psychology and looking to start or expand their private practice. She is very knowledgable and brings in not only her own experience but the experience of others in the field. She is ready with valuable resources and takes an active interest in the individual and how best to help them meet their goals. She is warm and funny and very accessible while still being sharp and on task. I have found her an invaluable ally and support.- Anon, Boston, MA

Dr. Crowley coached me in starting and building my private practice, bringing years of experience and a reality-based perspective. Her input and guidance regarding all aspects including marketing, maintaining professional relationships, and getting appropriate referrals was invaluable in establishing my "up and running" practice. Dr. Crowley has also provided perspective on several unique cases resulting in the development of a more timely and complete course of action. I will continue to rely on her for clinical supervision. There is no doubt having her input on difficult cases helps me become a more skilled and confident clinician, providing a more complete service to my clients. I feel very fortunate to have Mary Ellen Crowley as a trusted resource to my growing practice!- Anon, Boston, MA

I can't speak highly enough of the quality of group therapy I received through participation in multiple groups at [Dr. Crowley's office]. I gained invaluable insight and skills to help cope with my mental health challenges. I found the group leaders to be enthusiastic and invested, with novel approaches and unique topics that are not available elsewhere. The small group sizes allowed for the material to be applied directly to group participant's lives, and encouraged an interactive environment which helped me feel not so alone with my struggles.- Anon, Boston, MA

Dr. Crowley helped me make improvements in a number of areas including my depression, anxiety, self-esteem, relationships and career. As a male, I was not sure I would feel comfortable talking openly in therapy about difficult subject matters. Dr. Crowley put me at ease with her compassionate and accepting nature along with her collaborative style of treatment. Dr. Crowley is a true find. I highly recommend her to any person needing help.- Anon, Boston, MA

I have had the fortunate experience of working with Dr. Mary Ellen Crowley for more than a decade utilizing her expertise in the management of difficult eating disorders, as well as her expertise in cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy. Dr. Crowley has the unique combination of therapeutic skill and empathy which are the hallmarks of a superior clinician. - Alexander Vuckovic, M.D, MD Medical Director, The Pavilion @McLean Hospital, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, MA

Dr. Crowley has been a life changing resource for me. I am diagnosed with OCD and am recovering from an eating disorder as well. When I am meeting with Dr. Crowley, I feel heard. She exudes compassion and empathy, and makes her space a judgment-free zone. She also adds her knowledge of research to support what she is saying. This is so helpful to me because it gives me more reason to shift my own thinking when I'm feeling stuck. While this combination of compassion and research works for me, I sense that she would find the right balance for each client individually. Dr. Crowley seems to know intuitively when to gently press me for more information and when to let me share on my own. Working with Dr. Crowley has given me the therapeutic space I need and leaves me feeling cared for and valued. Her warmth, intuition, humor, intelligence, and compassion are gifts that have not only helped me through some difficult times but have also helped me to see my own beauty. - Anon, Boston , MA


Dr. Crowley has been a life changing resource for me. I am diagnosed with OCD and am recovering fro ... - Anon, Boston MA


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Crowley, M. J., Campion, A., & Lynn, S. J.  (2006).  Incorporating hypnotic techniq ...

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Mary Ellen Crowley, Ph.D.
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McLean Hospital

Instructor of Psychology
Department of Psychiatry
Harvard Medical School




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